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Golden Vessel Sink Countertop Gold Color Round Washbasin Dorado Collection


With gold on his mind and zeal in heart, Jones flies through the harrowing Amazonian tunnel, outmaneuvering traps, deceptions, and quicksand to finally reach the golden vessel sink. JUVIA, the creators of said sink, call it Dorado. They say the basin is as resplendent as the beaming sun, and that its a part of JUVIAs…

Golden Vessel Sink Countertop Gold Color Pattern Washbasin Thena Collection


Imagine creating an upscale, Las Vegas bath spa with this sink. This striking artistic design utilizes a motif that is reminiscent of falling rectangles. This is contrasted with an all gold basin that? S like staring into a polished bar of 24 carat gold. This sink sits on top of the countertop as a free-standing…