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Sierra Range SRPO-24G Countertop Gas Pizza Oven with Ceramic Decks


Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)- 36″ x 26.5″ x 28.5. (2) 31″W x 22-3/8″D adjustable Meteorite ceramic decks. Adjustable temperature from 300­°F to 650­°F. Stainless steel interior with porcelain coated door liner. Insulated double wall construction. Stainless steel top, front & sides. (1) 30,000 BTU U-type burner. (4) 4 adjustable stainless steel feet….

Sierra Range SRPO-24E Countertop Electric Pizza Oven with Ceramic Decks


The Sierra Range SRPO-24E pizza oven features a stainless steel frame (front, top, sides and control panel), and an easy to clean stainless steel interior with a porcelain coated deck and door liner. The SRPO-24E oven is designed and built with the superior performance of Meteorite ceramic decks that achieve maximum heat while using less…

Sierra Range SRPO-36G Countertop Gas Pizza Oven with Ceramic Decks 36 wide


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